Wednesday, July 27, 2016

A little of this and that~

  To say life is busy would be an understatement, It is amazing how much one can cram into one day! We are embarking on a new school year for my trio! V will be a kindergartner, S & K will be in 1st grade and I am having a hard time wrapping my mind around it all.  They will be switching to school on base, sadly switching after school care after 2 years with an amazing place off base but good friends are hard to come by and I know they will remain in our lives.  I have been blessed with a pretty fantastic job on base at the military medical clinic in flight medicine and I LOVE IT!  I come to work smiling and I leave smiling which is such a blessing, it is the type of blessing I have spent a few years praying for and in God's timing he provides.
  This summer we have been experiencing a little bit more to what New Mexico has to offer!  The kids and I love Bottomless lake, now despite a pretty serious injury I had July 4th weekend-complete with emergency surgery I STILL love it there!  That weekend was hazy looking back but again, God somehow took care of the small details for me.  A very long and detailed story short, I was surrounded by true friends, and my neighbor/friend Maricela literally was my rock that day and the days that followed.  My little girls stayed with some amazing new friends that I made, and I can truly say were so selfless in their efforts to care for my littles while Jason was coming home from a trip that turned short as a result of my klutzy self! And my boy spent the night with Maricela's husband and son!  The kids ended up having a blast and were kept somewhat blissfully unaware of the events that transpired.  Which was again, a blessing...In so many ways.
  As parents we like to think we can do everything, but when life throws us curve balls we are reminded that we cannot, that there are times we rely on those when you least expect it.  Like I said earlier, the events of that day were hazy at best and I was very out of it but from what I was told, I was very lucky to have been surrounded by my guardian angels that day...I will be forever grateful for those special people in my life.  It is amazing how life shows you a different way to look at things, just by a couple of differences.  A different spin than you ever thought possible but again makes you remember to have faith...Faith is real and true, you just have to believe it!

After several months of not blogging I have missed it, I have missed sharing my musings if you will...It helps me, and gives me an outlet of sorts.  I want to share my blessings, my life events of all types and get back to sharing what life is like with Twins Plus One!  As we finish up the rest of our summer with a quick visit to see my family next weekend filled with lots of swimming, catching up with my family and friends and just relaxing before school starts for both them and me!

  This weekend we have plans of swimming on base, BBQ's, church, and I am hoping for some down time in the form of an afternoon nap or a long session of Netflix and popcorn with my little family!

  What do you all do for down time?  It is supposed to be well over 100 degrees here this weekend, so what are the plans when it is too hot?  What are some yummy weekend meals you like to cook?  I am so glad to be back in Bloggerville!

  Blessings all~


Tuesday, February 2, 2016

So many new things! Hello 2016!

It has been a LONG time since I sat down at my computer and decided to write, I have wanted to but my kiddos and family life always come first!  So much has happened, it seemed like I started a new job, Halloween was here and before I knew it we were ringing in the New Year!

There are several things that I have set out to accomplish this year:
-Be more present for my kids/family and unplug from Facebook, etc. OFTEN.
-Be more present for those close friends in my life.
-Continue eating right, and work out several times a week.
-Keep a positive attitude no matter what, albeit at times difficult continue to try.

Simply put, be a better version of myself.  Isn't that something that we all strive for? I have three little people who watch me, hear my words and how I choose to use them.  I need to step it up for them and for myself-and I have. #WIN

Next I thought for months on what spin I wanted this blog to take and it is simple, I want it to remain about a mommy to three kiddos close in age, mommy to multiples, but taking the next step and we now navigate new experiences, above all else keep it real.  Pictures, always pictures! Quick meals that I do to keep it simple and healthy, the work outs that I do(or attempt to!)
There are several books I have been asked to review which I am very excited about-Stay tuned on that! I am also a Beachbody coach and I am going to start posting reviews on products, shake ideas for people with food allergies like myself and how I adapt them to work. Maybe even some free samples of products down the road!  I am very excited about that aspect and I cannot wait to share my excitement soon! Finally one last element, I *dabble* in writing, and I want to share those stories here, and get others feedback, I believe that in order for me to improve I need to put it out there so I am taking a leap and plan to do that. 

Finally last year brought ALOT into my life, some great and some less than great-but I am using that to fuel my new year and new vibe.  I will post some pictures from our few trips late last year and end on that note!  I hope that you all will join me on a new spin of Mommy to Multiples plus one!

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Why should I blog?

Why should I blog? Does anyone really care? Are my ramblings and musings making a difference to anyone's lives?  And then I realized I do this for ME.  While my stories of my kids and our weekends may not resonate with many they do so with me, and its therapeutic to put your words out there-they become real, they become part of a larger picture.  My kids are my world, I strive to be a better version of myself for them and for me, they are the light in my dark times and the smiles when I cannot always find my own.  I realized a lot over the last week, I was in an unhappy situation and thankfully was "taken" out of it. For the reasons of privacy I will keep the exact details quiet but those that talk to me on a daily basis know the reasons, know the stories. 

This last week I have had a renewed sense of self, you see I have been part time at Plateau espresso since early spring and this place is amazing. The vibes I get from our customers and my co-workers is nothing short of magical.  I was talking with my manager about it just this morning-she's a dear friend more than a manager.  This place has helped me find my smile again, along with my trio whom are my reason. For everything.  Scarlett said to me on Monday after I picked her up, "mommy the coffee place makes you happy!" Yes honey it really does, it renews my spirit and these amazing people I work with? Nothing short of amazing.  We help one another out, we genuinely like one another and respect one another. That is paramount in any professional setting! It seems that in today's society we lack in basic human principals, manners, kindness, courtesy.  Isn't that a sad realization?  We live in a society where we cannot be happy for others be it a life style choice, change, down to a new hair cut-BE KIND-BE KIND-BE KIND! I have a dear friend who is hurting, struggling with some family news that is hard and honestly heartbreaking.  They are a very close knit family and they will be facing a deployment for a year.  Another group of amazing military members going into harms way, into a senseless war with no end in sight.  How utterly frustrating from an American point of view but also from a point of view from a person who loves this family and my friend dearly.  You see, her and I we grew apart as some friendships do-BUT recently we started texting more and confiding in one another again, this is the start of getting our friendship back on track and in the spring when she will have me, I am coming to visit and cheer her and her children up even if only for a few days.  This friend has been my "person" for almost 15 years, she was my family when I was stationed in Illinois, we have seen one another through so many things in our respective lives, birth of children, loss of family members, relationship troubles, pain, happiness, joy, you name it-she's been part of it. 

So there it is gang, I blog because I want to share my words, and if she is reading this I hope she knows that she will be well taken care of during this time of change next year. 
I blog because I hope that my words, and stories might resonate with someone else so that they might not feel so alone in this big world.  I hope that as I do this more, and contribute to my blog more that I will make a difference. 

I will also be charting my journey through Beach Body as I am working toward a healthier life style CHANGE.  NOT DIET. This is just the beginning. 

Many new things on my horizon, how things turn out we shall see-but all I can do is put one foot in front of the other, take it minute by minute and do my best. 

Love to all.

Sunday, October 25, 2015

As we FALL into FALL!

One year ago this week we moved to New Mexico, for our new journey, our new base, our new start.  So many things have happened in this last year, so much has been opened up in front of me and I have learned a lot about myself. 

First off we are preparing for Halloween in this house and let me tell you, EXCITED kids big time!  I have a handsome, muscular Batman, a feisty Minion-ette, and a proper Elsa queen!  I was able to get the girls costumes on Amazon instead of battling Walmart which I would rather NOT do so shopping online-WIN!  We will do some trick or treating on base, around our neighborhood and hopefully hand out candy also.  The days here are still pretty warm but the nights get rather cold quickly, its amazing how once that desert sun sets, the temperatures go way down and it is jacket time.  I am looking forward to fall and winter, I love that time of year and I love it so much I might just be putting up our Christmas tree up after Halloween! Haha! Call me a weirdo BUT I love that time of year, and I have been eyeing a fake fireplace that gives off heat and has a mantle to decorate, I want that! Bundle up on the couch watching Christmas movies, listening to Christmas music and being with my little family, there is nothing better than that.  We will be spending Christmas week with my family in California, it has been 10 years since we have been back so it is exciting to say the least! 

The twins are doing so great in kindergarten, Kellan got honor roll on Thursday and he also made the principles list, he was so proud and so were we.  He is turning into quite the little school lover, he loves reading and his teacher said he is the best behaved in his class.  He has not had any time outs since he started school in August!  NOT ONE!  He is the only one to have a "red clip" which I guess is a big deal, she said he is always prepared and loves to do math and reading the most.  Scarlett is in a different class, she is also doing so wonderful.  She has found a sassy side it would seem per her teacher! Haha!  She has had a few time outs since the start of school but over all she is attentive, listens well and seems to be Miss Popularity!  As we walk into school everyday she is always saying hello to someone or waving to another person.  She is our social butterfly!  And Violet-Oh Violet!  She is still our head strong and Miss Independent but is really learning a lot in her pre-k class!  Reading and letters are becoming better for her, and I think that in no time she will start reading and really finding her groove.  She switched schools for a few months but she is back at her original school and she and (we) could not be happier.  She is very outgoing, she has a little bit of my personality and a whole bunch of her OWN!  She is sassy and knows it, my mom laughs and said she is ALL SASSY.  Our violet!

My life has taken a little detour and at the moment I am riding it out, I am back at the coffee shop-My little piece of heaven-Plateau Espresso. It overlooks the entire town and it is MY HEAVEN here on earth.  It is where I have found my smile again, in a work setting, it is filled with awesome vibes, amazing customers and fantastic co-workers.  This is just what my heart needed, and it took me stepping back from my previous situation to see how unhappy I was, how I felt so out of place. Now?  I am back at it-Barista life. And looking for more professional opportunities, with a few things "brewing" on the back burner.  To be continued!

Finally, about 8 weeks ago I took my health back into my hands, I decided to purchase and really commit to the 21 Day Fix by Beach Body.  It is portion control, little to no carbs and a simple yet healthy eating plan. Who knew that being healthy could be this awesome?  The program lays everything out for you, down to a daily workout for 21 days.  My first round I lost around 10 inches in the hips area, and 4 in my abdomen area, and about 10 pounds-give or take a few!  You work out 30 minutes a day, 7 days a week and I will not lie-I was sore and still am BUT my body is getting more and more used to it.  It is NOT a diet, it is a lifestyle change, a healthy life change.  I loved it so much I joined my friend as a Beach body coach, to hopefully help those who have been on the fence like myself!  As I learn more about my health and my body I hope to help others.  To be continued on that also-but I can tell you-I am happy with my choice to join such an amazing team. And the support we give one another is nothing short of wonderful. <3 p="">
I will close for now, I have three little goblins I need to put to bed. Thank you to those who support me/us, sending me the positive vibes and prayers and the kind words-they mean more than you know.


Sunday, September 20, 2015

Changes, on so many levels!

Changing is part of life, it is something that makes us stronger and helps us adapt in an ever changing world.  A world where we have so many variables in our day to day lives, like jobs, hobbies, children, marriages, self growth, and making one healthier.  My twinsers are doing great in Kindergarten, Kellan listens well and does his daily work well.  Scarlett is also a wonderful student BUT tends to get chatty so her teacher has to redirect her-Haha! Like mother/Like daughter!  I remember my mom telling me some of the same stories, and even now in my current job some of my co-workers said I LOVE LOVE to talk. Yup! That is me and that is A-OK!
Our last few weeks have been BUSY, and we are still trying to get into a solid groove-the kids find it difficult to go to bed early and wake up early.  Tis' my life!

So for the last 2 weeks I have been changing my eating habits drastically, and following the 21 Day fix by Beach Body.  Week 1 was prep but I went ahead and dove right in, Week 2 was this last week and it was another pretty successful week.  The idea behind it is portion control, and eating smaller meals more often. More of the right meals, foods, less sugar and snacks which has been a difficult hurdle but each day it gets better.  My morning Shakeology helps immensely!  It is vegan chocolate, banana, ice, and unsweetened almond milk-blend and YUM!! That is my breakfast, then a small snack and there starts my day!  Typically some sort of food/snack every 2 hours!  It equates to a lot of food which is the most surprising piece to this!  Add in the daily exercise routine, 30 minutes a day, 7 days a week and WOW have I been sore but with each passing day I find myself feeling better and better.  My body is changing, little by little and I could not be happier with these results!  It is not a quick fix or quick weight loss BUT it does produce real results.  I am so excited and on fire for this!  I plan to start sharing my journey more as it evolves! For now I will leave it simple and tell you I am so happy with the results and lifestyle change I have made. 

One last thing-I registered for school and I cannot be more stoked! I should start in a month or so. Changes are happening in my life, and I am excited! My family is healthy and happy, my hubby is the light of my life, my kids are our joy.  I am blessed!


Feel free to like and follow this blog, I want to start documenting my journey through school, weight loss, and my beach body journey!  Appreciate it all gang! Much love! <3 p="">

Sunday, September 6, 2015

September already?

September already?  Seeing Halloween stuff out at the store, costumes, candy, what?  I literally blinked and summer is over.  Albeit still 100 degrees in New Mexico mind you, BUT in theory it is on our way to being Fall.  Fall is my favorite time of year, I can wear sweaters, and scarves, bundle up and go back to cuddles on the back porch watching the night sky.  We have been here in New Mexico almost one year, it will be a year in November.  It has all gone by in a blink, my kids are thriving in school and we are blessed.  I am a preschool teacher currently, and I am lucky enough to have Violet at my school.  She does not quite understand that I am her teacher there among my other students and not just her mommy.  She has to follow directions and see me hugging on other little kiddos, that part has been very difficult in all honesty but it has only been a month so we will give it a little more time for us to adjust, for everyone to get used to change.  Change seems to be the theme in our lives, I blink and my children are growing quickly, I blink and my husbands military obligations are becoming increasingly more frequent.  Change-I miss my career, but here is the weird piece.  What is MY career?  Is it the medical stuff I did while in the Air Force, or the medical stuff I did all those years after my service? Or the Starbuck's job? Or my most recent change yet again, Preschool teacher?  As a mother does our career automatically change without our knowing it?  Is my career at this point in time-Motherhood?  Being a supportive military spouse?  Is my job simply that?  A job?  I think there are things in life that I enjoy BUT my children, my husband-those things come first.  That is ok, at times I miss my medical job, I miss my professional life BUT there are so many more positive things that I am able to add to my life as a result of change. 

Change is good, change is necessary, change helps you grow in so many ways. 

There are several things that I am still trying to change, and for now I will keep those to myself.  I am excited about the future! I will say that much!

Besides CHANGING my hair by chopping 5 inches off I also started a lifestyle/food change. I have been exercising every night, and starting my first real round of the 21 day fix cycle 1 tomorrow.  This week is prep but I am prepped and ready to go!  I have been phasing a lot out of my diet/life, and while sugar is still my biggest battle I am trying!  Shakeology helps curb my need to eat candy, etc. ALL DAY LONG!  The one great thing about my current job is that I do not have time to sit and think about food, my students keep me on my toes and then 9 hours later I head home to my own busy kiddos who ALSO keep me on my toes.  Too busy to think about snacks and food? WIN!

As I sit here at the end of another busy weekend, I am tired, I am beat, BUT I am blessed.  I have three children who love me and J so much.  They are all over us all the time-and for that I cannot complain.  They still love us, someday I will not have that so for now I am loving and enjoying every moment.  Labor Day is tomorrow and we will more than likely spend it at the base pool soaking up the last day of a pool open!  I will make us a picnic and simply enjoy our family time, and then prepare for another busy week. 

I am trying to enjoy more, complain less and make the most of all situations. 
Love and light to all~

Saturday, August 15, 2015

Summer is over, next chapter begins!

Greetings gang!
The summer is over, although here in New Mexico it is still 100 plus degrees!! So many things have happened since I last blogged.  I stopped blogging, I pulled away from social media and focused on my children, my husband, and my life more.  I realized that several relationships in my life needed to be put on a back burner-it felt necessary.  I no longer am chasing people in my life, and it is a very freeing feeling. 
My children are getting so big, the twins start kindergarten on Tuesday the 18th and as I sit here I am choking back a lump in my throat.  Today I took the girls to get hair cuts, S wanted a "big girl" cut and V still allowed me to help.  My son K got a faux hawk two weeks ago when he was visiting my parents, they all are making their own decisions...WOW.  The twins are not going to be in the same class, after much thought and talking with the principal we all thought it would help them be independent and each have their own teacher.  K is very reliant on sissy, so I am sure the first month will be a huge adjustment for him.  They are best friends and at times I find them snuggled in the same bed, or finishing one another's thoughts.  It is so amazing.  V is on her own feisty planet!  She is hilarious, tells outrageous stories, teases, likes to give us a YOWZA!  I am very happy V will be a student at the school I teach at starting Monday, I will not be her main teacher BUT I get to see her throughout the day, that makes my heart happy. 

J and I are so proud of the children we are raising.  It is not easy but it is without a doubt the most rewarding thing I have ever done.  Our little family of 5 is strong, so much more close than we have been in years past and I am so happy about that. 

For the first time in several years we took a very long over due vacation.  It was heavenly, J played in the National Pool Tournament in Las Vegas and my amazing parents watched our kiddos.  They took them to movies, the girls had a spa day with my mom and sisters, the kids went swimming in my parents pool every minute of every day!  It was a success!  We got to visit with family and then we went to Las Vegas with just the two of us, it was great to reconnect.  Much needed in any marriage.  We came back to real life feeling ready to conquer life full force! 
J will be busy over the next few months so I will find myself on single parent duty but I am ready, I feel prepared! 
With that I will say good night to everyone.  I will include a few pictures from the past few months and I would love if you pass along my blog to others, comment and support are amazing!

I am glad to be back gang!
S <3 p="">